Elise Holsonback is a visual creative, born and raised in small-town North Carolina. She received her Bachelor’s degree in photojournalism in 2018 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she fell in love with the power of imagery to create and share beautiful stories.

Elise’s work focuses on the power of self-expression through fashion and portraiture. When Elise’s fourteen-year-old self realized her dreams of being a fashion designer were far-fetched (not knowing how to properly sew, and too impatient to work with patterns), she turned her eye to photography, where she could create quickly and still showcase the power of a great outfit. In her work, Elise combines her eye for design and style and her love for the beauty of humanity and its stories.

Her work is dreamy—full of color, light and a bit of the unexpected.

Elise is currently working as a freelance photographer and studio manager while pursuing personal photographic projects. Elise is currently based in Los Angeles, California, with availability for travel.


Contact info:


(336) 380-2698