Hi, friends. Thanks for taking a minute to learn more about the gal behind the camera.

I am Elise Holsonback, a 22 year-old visual creative from small-town North Carolina.

I became interested in photography early in my high school years as a means to document life--friends, family, and creative pursuits. I'm a complete nostalgic sap, and photography was as close as I could get to freezing every moment and keeping it with me to remember forever.

As I explored photography more, I found a real connection between my passions for photography and art. I am drawn to creating photographs that portray every moment, formulated or candid, as a work of art and through this, tell a beautiful story.

Outside of photography, a little more about me:

- The sun (rising, setting, filtering through blooms on the trees in spring) makes me emotional. Good light = will tear up.

- I dream of one day owning a not-yet-to-exist lap elephant as a pet.

- I love music (singing, playing, listening, etc.), but am a terrible dancer. If Hey Ya! comes on, I'll pretend.

- And I'm always down to bake some scones.

Nice to meet you. Let's make beautiful things together.


Elise is currently working as a freelance photographer while pursuing personal photographic projects.